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Do you need a concept manifested in a working prototype? We bridge the gap between physical and digital, aiding you in bringing your ideas to life.

What we do


We facilitate workshops for demonstrating different technologies, exploring possible interactions through sketching, mockups and rapid prototyping.


We manifest design explorations in functional interactive prototypes, both physical and digital, that you can use in your ongoing work.


Prototypes are created to your specifications in tightly knit collaboration, ensuring that each prototype helps explore just the right themes.

What we've done

Facilitating learning and knowledge sharing

Centered around facilitating learning and knowledge sharing in high schools, we created a prototype of an interactive table, able to identify student IDs placed on the tabletop. This allowed students to search for literature in a shared pool, while simultaneously visually being connected to other students that may be able to help.

Creating stories through changes in shape

Through shape-change objects can seamlessly alter their appearance, making their ability to act as temporal devices for telling stories an interesting area of exploration. When in use, this speaker prototype will slowly begin to rotate its individual segments, transforming into a gradually more expressive sculpture that stands out in its environment. However, when the speaker is no longer playing, it will slowly transition back to its original form.

Creating stories through traces of use

By carefully choosing and combining materials, changes in both short and long term shape and appearance have been achieved in this volume controller prototype. Carrying out actions directly on the leather-surface will create patina specific to the use pattern and environment of each controller.

Adapting physical form to context

This speaker prototype was designed to change its shape and size based on the volume of music playing. The concept is intended to dynamically adapt to the atmosphere of a living room, as a means to better blend with the surroundings.

Nudging to get attention

As an exploration of how to keep users engaged in use over time, in this case of a sound system, this controller prototype would move on its own, to encourage users to pick it up and start using the system. As a person reaches out for the remote it rises to acknowledge the approaching hand and reveals function buttons.

Engaging museum visitors

Given replicas of archaeology tools, visitors were able to explore how sculptures are expected to have been painted originally, creating more immersive museum experiences.

Negotiating patient care

As a first step towards a participatory design toolkit for healthcare professionals to explore personal Self-Tracking devices, together with chronically ill patients, we created a series of physical prototypes supporting a high degree of expressivity in interaction.

the team

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We are four IT product designers passionate about creating and shaping meaningful interactions with products.

We work at the intersection of conceptual design and prototyping, developing interactive physical and digital prototypes, as a way to explore possible solutions, working towards exciting new product designs. Therefore, feel free to contact us with any concern regarding how we might aid you in your process of creating a valuable product.

Who we've worked with


If you’ve come up with what might be the next big thing, but need to find out whether or not it is worth pursuing, simply wish to better understand your options prior to plunging into development or anything in between, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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