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Do you need a concept manifested in a working prototype? We bridge the gap between physical and digital, aiding you in bringing your ideas to life.

Our process


We bring your idea to life by exploring technical solutions and conceptual qualities through technology presentations, pretotyping techniques and rapid prototyping.

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To formalize conceptual and technical considerations, we will summarize fundamental requirements in a report, ensuring transparency and understanding.

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Prototypes are created to your specifications in tightly knit collaboration, ensuring that each prototype helps explore just the right themes.

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We create functional interactive prototypes, both physical devices and apps, that can be used as a basis for concept validation with users.

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In the end, you will have a production-ready product specification and the confidence to move forward.

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What we've done

Interactive tabletop

Shape-changing speakers and controllers

Engaging museum visitors

Self-tracking devices for patient care

The team

protofi team member Christian


protofi team member Mark


protofi team member Rasmus


protofi team member Tobias


We are four IT product designers passionate about creating and shaping meaningful interactions with products.

We work at the intersection of conceptual design and prototyping, developing interactive physical and digital prototypes, as a way to explore possible solutions, working towards exciting new product designs. Therefore, feel free to contact us with any concern regarding how we might aid you in your process of creating a valuable product.


If you’ve come up with what might be the next big thing, but need to find out whether or not it is worth pursuing, simply wish to better understand your options prior to plunging into development or anything in between, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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